The topic for the 6th Annual Building Green Communities Conference is Adaptation: Creating a Resilient Future. Plan It Green is proud to host a wide variety of leading environmental and scientific experts who will discuss how we can prepare our communities for the changes coming from climate change, peak oil and economic instability. Click here for more info.
Humboldt Plan It Green is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Green technology and lifestyles. We offer annual conferences and tradeshows, business luncheons, workshops, Green business certification and other programs. Click here for more info.
Plan It Green has spent a lot of time researching and gathering information for our event. We have developed a series of guiding principles based on the work of many other groups working on these issues and are using these as the guiding principles for our conference. Click here for more info.

  As part of our 3-day event, the Building Green Communities conference is featuring a symposium starting on Thursday evening, July 19th and continuing through all day Friday, July 20th. Our symposium is featuring world-class speakers combined with regional experts all discussing relevant topics to Adaptation and building resiliency in our communities. Click here for more info.

The Humboldt Plan It Green Building Green Communities Green Tradeshow/Expo will feature leading regional businesses and non-profit organizations that offer green products and services. Our Tradeshow/Expo has always been a crowd favorite and attracts people from all over our region. Click here for more info.
Humboldt Plan it Green is proud to announce “Sustainability Tours” for the first time this year. We will offer an exceptional tour that demonstrate sustainable practices throughout the community. Click here for more info.